Best Elliptical Reviews 2016

Welcome to my Best Elliptical Reviews blog. Here you will find my writings on the best elliptical trainers in the market, mostly elliptical machine reviews and some articles on buying and using ellipticals at home. I’m Mike, and I’m just the average guy who likes to write stuff down, so I’ve written down my own tips here in my blog. Hope it’ll be useful to you.

How to Choose the Best Elliptical

Couple years ago I joined a fitness club and started cross training for a healthier stamina. Since then, cross training has become part of my daily routine and soon it was time for me to invest in a decent elliptical trainer so that I save club fees and the trouble to commute to the club every day. I prefer using the elliptical to a treadmill because I have bad knees and the elliptical is kinder to my joints.

These are the points to consider when looking for the best elliptical machine:

  1. Price and Quality Level – Price is always the indicator of quality for elliptical machines. You’d want the range that is just right.
  2. Weight Capacity – The best home elliptical machine should have the weight capacity for you and your family.
  3. Stride Length – Depending on how tall or short the users are, try to get the best stride length for everyone.
  4. Adjustable Resistance and Incline – If you want some serious workout, get an elliptical that will adjust this easily.
  5. Quiet – Complaining neighbors? Baby sleeping? Want to watch TV while working out? Get a quiet elliptical.
  6. Arms – Work out your arms as well as your legs.
  7. Display panel – Is the display easy to read? Is it easy to set programs for workouts?

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I’ve been using all the high end elliptical machines at the club (Precor ellipticals, etc.) so as you can guess I’ve gotten used to the best elliptical machines and what they can do for me. If you are like me, you probably know what to expect from the best ellipticals too. But what would be the point of getting a Precor with a huge price tag for home use when the only people using it is you and your family? The best home elliptical to get should be a balance between quality and price.

Best Elliptical Machine Reviews 2016

After a lot of researching – reading hundreds of elliptical trainer reviews online, testing models at fitness equipment stores, and comparing prices everywhere – I finally bought the best rated elliptical under $1000. Anyway here are the reviews I wrote for those top rated home ellipticals. I find that it is easiest to search for your home elliptical according to your budget range.

These are just the top picks, and there will be more reviews to come once I get the time to write. You can go to my blog to check for updates.

More Besides Elliptical Trainer Reviews

For some people it is sufficient to own a machine at home for the quick workout anytime during the day, but for others they like to know what precisely to do in a workout to make it worthwhile. That’s why I’ve also written some tips for workout on the elliptical.

Elliptical Machines: What They Can Do For You

Exercising at the gym or going for a jog is a luxury not many have these days. With work, studying and a social life to maintain nobody even has the time to take a well needed snooze. So, instead of spending your precious time walking on a treadmill or strolling around at your usual park and calling it a workout, why don’t you take your cardio up a notch and use an elliptical machine at home.

In theory, cardio is a means to get your heart pumping and your cardiovascular fitness back on track. Sure, in the process of using an elliptical trainer, you get the added bonus of toning and strengthening the muscles you’re using so unless you only want quads and hamstrings the size of tree trunks, an elliptical workout is a great way to work your core and upper body too.

Ellipticals are the machines of the future. With these babies, you’d be able to get your heart pumping while strengthening almost every single one of your muscles. The whole elliptical machine workout is designed to do more with less, so in less time you push your muscles to work more so you get faster results.

Each one of your movements that start from the very first stride on the elliptical activates a different muscle group. By gripping the handles of the elliptical you are already activating your forearms. With your first push, forward motion of the handle ensures that your chest, triceps are activated. Next, you pull the handle back to the starting position. This pull motion helps to tone your biceps and lats.

Since the elliptical’s steppers are suspended, you’d have to use your core muscles to get your legs moving. The moment you put pressure on the stepper, the stepping motion works your core and hamstrings. Finally the push of the handle sends the stepper back into the starting point and this pushing force works your glutes.

There are many added benefits to using an elliptical. Rather than thinking of your time spent on the elliptical as cardio, think of it as a full body workout. That would be an awesome way to get fitter and make your body a lot firmer in no time at all.

And my top pick elliptical models, in no particular order, are Sole E35ProForm 14.0 CEXTerra FS1.5Schwinn 430 and Lifecore LC-985VG.

Top Rated Elliptical Machine Brands

Well, that’s all for now. I will update with more workout tips and articles on elliptical training when I have the time. There are more elliptical reviews in my blog, and I hope you enjoy shopping for your best elliptical.